I love Amsterdam.  The people are interesting, vibrant, eager to help, not to mention fair haired and very pretty.  And, everyone is out and about.

There is so much to see everywhere you look.

Absolutely everyone was on a bike. These 2 women waiting for the light are out on Friday night.



A Little Bit of Amsterdam


Don’t miss the bird – bottom right….so much to little time!

Houseboat anyone?

In case you wonder what this is? It’s a close up of a hoist. There is one at the top of every one of these rows and rows of brownstones. It seems that property taxes are based on frontage, so the townhouses are very narrow, very deep and high. The hoist is used to pull furniture and other items up to the windows for entry into the house. Who would have thought?

A Little More Amsterdam

I just couldn’t narrow it down any further..

This is a children’s museum made to look like a ship and named Nemo to get thier interest.

This is the place, ..when Royalty or Madonna or even you know who visits Amsterdam, this is where they stay….

House boats, Swans…

Good bye for now Amsterdam…..