Historic Gateway Tours

The Gateway District Organization has a variety of walking tours with wonderful docents giving  fun, intersting and very informative walking tours of the legendary neighborhoods of Downtown Cleveland.  They are a summer treat and time very well spent!

Warehouse District Tour

Constantino’s Market on West 9th St.8-18-2013 W 9th 20148 - Version 2 8-17-2013 gateway 9th 20063 - Version 2 8-17-2013 gateway 9th 20066 - Version 2 DSC03054 8-18-2013 W 9th 20172 - Version 2

Mr. Levi Johnson arrived in Cleveland in 1809 when the population was only 45 people.  When he died in his 80s, he had lived in Cleveland longer than any other person in the city at that time, now having a population of 45,000.

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Meet John D. Rockefeller……in  person

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In view, kitty corner across the street, from the Rockefeller Building Is the Terminal Tower.

Built by the Van Sweringen brothers in 1928, the Terminal remained the the 4th tallest building in the world until the completion of the main building of Moscow State University in Moscow in 1953 and would continue as the tallest building in North America, outside of New York City, until the Prudential Center in Boston, Massachusetts was completed in 1964.8-17-2013 gateway 9th 20091 - Version 2

Canal Basin Park in the Flats Tour-


Mrs. Kelly from Kelly’s Island.6-23-2013 Mushrooms Gateway 18430

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