@home in Georgetown ~ Georgetown’s East Village…herring hill

On the very East end of the East Village of Georgetown, is a neighborhood with its own personal charm.  Long ago referred to as Herring Hill, the name comes from its border to Rock Creek and for the fish that were caught here.

Long before Washington was the capital, with tobacco crops plentiful in Maryland and Virginia, and with easy access to the Potomac, Georgetown grew.   The less fortunate laborers lived in housing along Rock Creek.  The stories of African American slaves, free African Americans and professionals living together, side by side,  are legendary. Anyone who lives, or has lived here is eternally grateful for the privilege of experiencing this charming charming neighborhood.

Stop to shop or just for a visit and exchange Bonjours. We have a delightful French Ambassador to Georgetown…..Jean Pierre! Everyone in this neighborhood has a treasure with a story from Jean Pierre Antiques!

Rice from Spain, beans from France, the best compact collection of premium ingredients available anywhere!  Home and hand made charcuterie is the signature specialty.  Two daily, always perfectly delicious, dinner specials have the neighborhood totally spoiled. Duck, bouillabaisse, prime rib…😍

Georgetown Wine and Spirits.…Whether you need the perfect hostess gift like a craft bottle of Kentucky Bourbon or just garlic stuffed olives for your martini…this is the place….

We love Rose Park…..a little green paradise with  famous tennis courts, 2 toddler parks, picnic table gatherings, farmers market, and a cut through to M street!

And, of course…Julia Child lived here…Julia Child met her husband Paul when they worked together internationally for the O.S.S.  When they moved to Washington,  they bought this house on Olive Street.  Julia started a Sunday supper club that included Pamela Harriman and Catherine Graham.  They didn’t know much about cooking and needed the practice.  It worked, they actually got to be quit good cooks.  When Paul’s diplomatic duties took them to Paris, Julia attended the most prestigious Le Cordon Bleu.  The rest is history…..you can read all  about it or Meryl Streep will take you there in the movie Julia and Julie.  You can also visit Julia’s Cambridge, Massachusetts kitchen at the Smithsonian.

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