Princeton University Art Museum

The Princeton University Art Museum (PUAM) is the Princeton University‘s gallery of art, located in Princeton, New Jersey. Founded in 1882, it now houses over 72,000 works of art that range from antiquity to the contemporary period. The Princeton University Art Museum dedicates itself to supporting and enhancing the university’s goals of teaching, research, and service in fields of art and culture, as well as to serving regional communities and visitors from around the world.

Fall-2013,-Princeton,-Art-Museum,-So amazing that this outstanding collection belongs to a University Art Museum ….just another amazing for Princeton….

If you are familiar with the Cleveland Museum of Art collection,  the Princeton collection includes several similar, and not so similar pieces by the same artists.

This version of the Charles Wilson Peale’s George Washington at Battle of Princeton, similar but very different…

Fall-2013,-Princeton,Art-Museum24513---Version-2 Fall-2013,-Princeton,Art-Museum24514

Fall-2013,-Princeton,Art-Museum24511---Version-2 Fall-2013,-Princeton,Art-Museum24512 Fall-2013,-Princeton,Art-Museum24516---Version-2 Fall-2013,-Princeton,Art-Museum24518---Version-2 Fall-2013,-Princeton,Art-Museum24520---Version-2 Fall-2013,-Princeton,Art-Museum24523---Version-2 Fall-2013,-Princeton,Art-Museum24525---Version-2 Fall-2013,-Princeton,Art-Museum24526---Version-2 Fall-2013,-Princeton,Art-Museum24527---Version-2 Fall-2013,-Princeton,Museum-of-Art-24528---Version-2


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