Mexico – Mexico City

March 2016 Mexico Wedding 45843 - Version 2Did you know…that Mexico City is the oldest capital city in the Americas?..that Mexico City is second only to Tokyo, as the largest city in the world in population?  ….that Mexico City is 7,382 feet high compared to Denver the mile high city at 5,280?

We concluded our trip with a couple of days in the city.  Although we just got a peak in the two days that we were there, 2 things I would mention are that we stayed at the JW Marriott in the neighborhood of Poblanco.  It was a great location for access to the city as well as neighborhood color, beauty and restaurants.  I heard it compared to NYC’s Upper East Side.  And, the morning of our departure for the wedding, the New York Times published a list of the best sites for finding local guides anywhere in the world.  I found and hired a guide by the name of Carlos before I was finished with my coffee.  He sent me a couple of emails before we met confirming our date and asking for any requests.  He picked us up at out hotel and took us around in the car and on foot for the next 5 – 6 hours.  We saw the main sights and had lunch at a charming little place in a quaint little neighborhood.  It was time well spent and well worth it just getting to know a little bit about Carlos.




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